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Wesołych Świąt!


Merry Christmas!

Paul and I send you Christmas greetings with a hint of Polish to celebrate the Czarnik Family's heritage. We hope you enjoy the Christmas card full of little bits of Polish language, traditions, and culture. Our granddaughter, Molly, plays the central role in the Christmas poem that was enhanced with a little AI in the style of Dr. Seuss. 

The farm is thriving. The animals are bulking up and fuzzy-ing up in preparation for the winter to come. They are not exactly thrilled with the idea that their pastures will soon be covered in snow, however, like the rest of us, they will survive. 

We wish you peace in the coming new year. 

With Kindness and Love,

Paul & Donna

Here's a translation for all the Polish References in our Little Poem

Walking from chores, Molly exclaimed with cheer,
"Christmas Eve's first star is here!"
It's time for Christmas Eve Dinner, oh, what a treat!
With pierogi and more, a feast that's so sweet!
"Before we eat," Grandma adds with a smile,
"Oplatki we will share in our special style,
For 'best wishes' that's all, the holiday's cheer,
To bring joy and happiness, far and near."
Then dinner commenced, with treats to devour,
Faworki, kolaczki, and poppy seeds power.
Around the Christmas Tree, voices ring,
Singing carols and tales is a jubilant thing.
GrandPaul on the piano, with tunes so grand,
Sings the story of Christmas Spider across the land.
Dancing the Mazurka and Polka, we make our way,
To the barn where animals talk on this joyous day.
We want to hear the donkey's story so old,
Of how Jesu was kept warm, a tale to be told.
Then off to Church, we trot and we stride,
For carols and songs, a delightful Yuletide.
The choir sang songs, Lulajze Jezuniu so bright,
And Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy, in the silent night.
At last, we return, tired and sleepy all around,
Molly said, "I'm not tired," with a soft sound.
As she dreams sweet dreams, Grandma whispers in peace,
"Night, Night, Christmas, may all troubles cease."
The grown-ups by the fire take a nap so deep,
Before dawn's first light breaks through their sleep.
Then suddenly, "Molly, Santa Claus is here!"
Gifts from Santa bring holiday cheer.
But first, it's "Morning Chores," everyone knows
Morning Chores, as the morning light grows!

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