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Sunshine and Silliness

Cadence, Coda, and Cisco are loving the warmth of the sun this beautiful March morning. And it seemed like a good time to try out the camera features on my phone.

Cisco is a giant in his own mind and he's got the personality to match. I often catch him standing on the sand mountain behind the arena so that he can be taller/bigger than his two pasture-mates who tolerate his shenanigans. His is a face only his parents could love (and we do).

Cadence is a beauty from every angle. And she's sweet too unless it's near dinner-time. She gets cranky when she's hungry. Coda and Cisco know to keep away from her hay!

And then there's Coda... He's the mischievous one: the one who broke into the feed area twice; the one who unlocked the chicken run gate just to go explore; the one who is insistent on destroying my barn coat.

I hope by sharing these little snippets of our lives you will come to know the characters who live here. Each and every one has a huge personality.

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