Welcome to Francisco Farm

Quiet With a Side of Chaos

Established in 1887 as The South Brandon Fruit Farm by the Losch family, it is now the home of Paul and Donna Czarnik. A few animals later, we are living our dream of being country-folk.


Francisco Farm

We Are Here - Visitors Welcome


What We Do

Grow Beauty

At Francisco Farm, we are trying to grow beautiful things. Whether flowers or fowl, four-legged or two, the atmosphere here is natural and peaceful. We invite you to come to see the beauty for yourself.

Honor The Past

We celebrate the legacy of the farmers who lived here before us. Their hard-work is seen in the amazing architecture and monuments they left behind. We honor them by preserving the buildings and being good caretakers of this amazing property.

Celebrate Life's Moments

The scenic beauty of the Farm is available to photographers hoping to capture some of life's biggest moments. Come see the beauty of the past and the wildness of nature at Francisco Farm.


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 6pm

Sun: We Encourage Our Family to Visit



Paul & Donna Czarnik

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