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Chasing Rainbows

Lots of spring showers and warm temperatures have brought forth beautiful flowers. The homestead is blossoming. We are so lucky to be surrounded by nature's bounty.

However, it's been 10 days since our last rainfall, things have dried out. That's good news for the hay guys. They've been waiting for the fields to dry out so that they can finally make bales. As we are major consumers of lots of hay, we are grateful for the dry spell. On Sunday we loaded 206 bales into the old barn to see us through the fall and winter. There will be another 200 added to make sure we get to next spring.

But every so often the rain must fall. And there's no better place to sit than on our front porch.

A big bolt of lightening and clap of thunder sent us back inside with the four chickens (oops, I mean dogs) to wait out the storm. Soon enough the sun started shining through the clouds in the west although it continued to rain in the east. When Paul disappeared out the front door, I assumed he was checking on the gutters and/or the animals in the pasture. However, it soon became evident that this was going to be a magical moment.

God's splendor was truly on display. I tried my best to capture the grandeur while Paul frolicked in the rain. We dashed across the yard to get the rainbow from all the perspectives. Barefoot and wet through, it was a beautiful moment to share between us. And now we share it with you. Enjoy!

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