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Spring Projects

One of the great things about the end of winter is that I get to start on my list of projects to do when the snow melts. You may not know how much I love lists, but I love the way they organize my thoughts. Sometimes a spreadsheet is involved. And of course, lists give me a sense of how much there is to do. I start March well intentioned and the list grows and grows. When the weather finally gives us a day above 32, it's time to get started. This year's list is long and there are a few surprises on it.

Our first project is to rebuild the front fence along the road. When directing people to our house, I always tell them when you turn onto our road just look for the white fence and you're there. It wasn't always white though. Until we moved in, it was a simple black wood plank fence.

But the years had been hard on it and it needed some loving. That first summer, I painted and painted and painted. I even managed to get Katie to paint too. The white gave it new life and we managed to keep it propped up for four more years. However, this year we had more metal support posts than wood posts and we knew it was time to rebuild.

After the new lumber was delivered, we got to work with demolition. I like to have the supplies ready before starting a project. That way there's no lag time in waiting around. Just get it done is my motto. Tear down was easy. And when you have the right tools it goes very quickly. Watch how fast that post comes out!

The pile grew as the fence came undone. If you look closely, you can see the posts have rotted away at the bottom. Many of them broke when pulling them out. However, after 35+ years in the ground, I think the original fence-builders got their money's worth.

Stay tuned for more photos as we get further into the job. I'm looking forward to checking this one off the list!

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@darnell6532, I love learning more about the history of the farm. Thank you for being great caretakers.


I installed that fence sometime in the 1960’s!! A neighbor and I bought a truckload of rough sawn, treated lumber and we each put up fences. Looks like it held up well for about 50 years!

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