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Growing Beauty & Produce

I know it's been a while since my last post. Let's just say that May is always busy with lots of activities that get in the way of my intentions to plant my vegetable garden and add to the landscaping. But here it is the 29th day of the month and I'm getting caught up. Finally!

While I was busy doing other things, Mother Nature has taken care of the "growing beauty" part by bringing up the perennials. I'm grateful for the help to be sure!

Today I finished the last of the fencing to protect my veggies from the neighborhood deer families. It was rainy and cool, but that only served as motivation to get the job done. To be honest, we've had a lot of rain but it's been so needed after our previous year or two. And it's not been difficult to work around. At least here we are not experiencing the flooding or severe weather that is plaguing other parts of our country. So I'm grateful for a true spring. A little wet, but in the long run so good for our farm.

This year I expanded my Straw Bale Garden (SBG) experiment from 2 bales to 8. Talk about leaps and bounds. Some day I might just plow up a larger patch of the field, but this will do me for now.

Misha supervises the fence project.

This year's bounty should include the following: Celebrity tomatoes, grape tomatoes, Hungarian peppers, hot yellow peppers, mixed bell peppers, English cucumbers, leeks, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spaghetti squash, and pumpkins. Yep, I fit all that in 8 straw bales. We'll see if any of it grows and yields a crop. I'm hopeful.

My vegetable selections were based on what I use most often in cooking. Since Paul and I have been watching our diet more closely, I have been using lots of fresh veggies. These represent our favorites. One veggie that I intended to plant was the rutabaga. I use it a lot in cooking, particularly soups. It serves as a less starchy substitute for potatoes. So I made sure to grab some at the local nursery. Sure I did... Did you notice I mentioned kohlrabi? I always confuse the two and so instead of 8 little rutabaga plants, I'm growing kohlrabi. D'oh! If you've got any good recipes for kohlrabi, just drop me a line!

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