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I know, March is the month that God likes to mess with us, but I DON'T CARE! The sun is higher in the sky, the animals are standing in the fields warming themselves, and the spring chore list just gets longer.

It's been a rough winter, cold AND snowy AND (mostly) ICY. The ice is (mostly) melted and,

thankfully, the flooding is going down. We didn’t have a January thaw and February was as brutal as ever. The animals did a good job surviving the frozen pastures and cold nights. There's a lot of winter cleanup that needs to be done but, we can handle it.

The most exciting thing this spring is the opening of our new pasture which Donna worked so hard to finish last year. The animals will enjoy acres of new field to roam and graze.

The most sad thing will be burying our beloved Sasha. We will fence in the area where Annie the horse and others have been buried, so that we have our own little cemetery. The biggest surprise has been the other dogs reactions. Misha misses her but Katya is like a new dog and has taken to bossing the others around. That’s a lot for a blind/deaf dog who thinks she’s a puppy again.

Of course, Spring means Lent and Easter, very different this year as my music meditations will be only in the parlor and music studio. It’s all good. One tradition that prevails is listening (for the umpteenth time) Jesus Chris Superstar. After over fifty years, it still inspires.

It may be two months until the pool is open but we’ll start with bringing out all the outside furniture. Need to sit on the porch surrounded by dogs, cats and the occasional goat. All are welcome ;-)



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