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The Colors of a Farm

When you think of a farm, it's inevitable that you picture a red barn, tall golden grass fields, and a white farmhouse. And that pretty much describes our property. Throw in a blue pool for the spoiled humans and you've got almost all the colors of the spectrum covered. However, there are two colors that just represent the word farm: green and yellow. I am talking, of course, about a John Deere tractor.

The 2305 John Deere compact tractor with its front loader bucket and three point connectors in the back is my favorite vehicle here. It's got turn signals and headlights and a bright orange, triangle caution sign. There's even a yellow mower deck for mowing the field, not the lawn. Oh and four-wheel drive to get out of tough situations.

For the past two years, I've used it for various chores around here. I've moved mountains of sand, mowed the fields around the barns, and even moved a dead deer to the bed of my neighbor's truck. But I think the most exciting thing has been to add a manure spreader to the back. All fall and winter I've been able to manage the manure in a more ecological-friendly way. Instead of a mountain of poop composting in the back fields, we've put the nutrients back into the soil and spread the goodness. So in addition to the legendary green and yellow, we've added silver and a little more red. Check out the set-up.

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